The Low Flags

by Alpha Cop



They're lining up beyond the ridgeline
Hearts and bones like steel
Frozen in their hands

Prepare for what comes next
Memories of the free plains
Folded in our hands

See a vision of low brick buildings
All the birds die when the big mouth opens
See a vision of blank surrender
All the birds fly when the big mouth opens


released August 20, 2013
Recorded by Nick Petersen
Released on vinyl as NF003 (Negative Fun Records), 2013
Alternate sleeve artwork (pictured) by dantanamo designs

Kari Azure - Violin
Channing Azure - Bass
Brian J Donohoe - Drums
Corbie Hill - Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Margaret Moorefield - Guitar



all rights reserved


Alpha Cop Raleigh, North Carolina

Channing/bass + gtr
Corbie/gtr + mic

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