by Alpha Cop



released August 6, 2016

Channing Azure - 6-string bass
Kari Azure - violin
Brian J Donohoe - drums
Corbie Hill - guitar & vocals
Brandon Whitesell - keyboard

Music by Azure, Azure, Donohoe, Hill and Whitesell
Lyrics by Hill
Recorded by Mike Schaefer in Raleigh, NC



all rights reserved


Alpha Cop Raleigh, North Carolina

Channing/bass + gtr
Corbie/gtr + mic

you never write

you never visit

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Track Name: Zakouma
In the dry heat
tracking the dying beast
Listen: can you hear it?
At the last beat
tracked by human beasts
What kind of postmodern
hallucination is this?
The danger is real
I've never felt so weak
and defeated
But my kids gotta eat
even if it kills me
One of many paradoxes in these
ancient wilds
(The writer pauses,
leaves his characters
flies trapped in amber
frames of decaying film)
Waves break above
the blue of the sky
I hear they mate for life
all here is dead and dry
I wanna live
I wanna live right
seek the light before it shines
ivory cowboy gonna ride
Can you feel the size of the heart that is breaking?