I'm Going Down with this Ship and Others

by Alpha Cop



Written, Performed and Recorded by Alpha Cop in April, 2013.
Artwork by Owen O'Toole.


released April 20, 2013

Corbie Hill - guitar, vocal, iPhone
Margaret Moorefield - saxophone, guitar
Kari Azure - violin
Channing Azure - bass guitar
Brian J Donohoe - drums, vocal



all rights reserved


Alpha Cop Raleigh, North Carolina

Channing/bass + gtr
Corbie/gtr + mic

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you never visit

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Track Name: I'm Going Down with this Ship and Others
A few lifetimes ago
a strong mind crept in silence
and rolled the stone
Well, it's okay with me, Lord
It's alright what they've done to
your chosen one
But, with no halo to hold
and none worth hanging on to,
we might be overcome


Not if, but when you return
an alligator long turned to stone
a shallow sea, a ruined beach
a prehistoric monster parting reeds
you sure have swallowed a lot of sand
in your rage, rearrange the page, see red
and forget your lines and stalk the bars
like a hole in the world, like a hole in the world
not if, but when you return
to the sea to the sea to the lonely sea

so forgive me if I don't leap to my feet
welcoming you to the fold
my heart has been a motel before
but no more

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