by Alpha Cop



released September 21, 2015

Recorded & Mixed by Mike Schaefer

Cover art: Corbie Hill, age 33
OMGOMGY art: Sarah Hill, age 5
80-80 art: Lucy Hill, age 3
All art: acrylic paint on paving stone



all rights reserved


Alpha Cop Raleigh, North Carolina

Channing/bass + gtr
Corbie/gtr + mic

you never write

you never visit

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Track Name: Omgomgy
When we crossed the plains we burned them behind us
termites of the last frontier
the long hangover of the Roman soldier
vultures congregate on the lawn

Don't destroy the world while I'm sleeping
I watch your jets go by
they take apart my sky
one piece at a time

Kiss the sand on the beach
while the ship sinks in the sea
Take your time
Do what you have to survive
and then watch the rising tide
from the highest ground you can find

Having failed to save the world
we saved ourselves, we saved ourselves
Track Name: 80-80
Watching the clock's red light
up half the night
we all become the thing we loathe
It's okay
It's called growing up
settling down
settling in
bought out to buy in
bought out to buy in

In our crooked wet homes
Machines fail us
When there's no sand left in the hourglass
they betray us
they betray us

The creases collide
in your awkward trousers
the time is right
to mortgage the night
and make it ours